News 24 May 2016>
Armada at Flowertrials® 2016

News 12 February 2016>
Santini Nathalie introduced on Dutch Flower Auctions

News 08 February 2016>
Nanda Broekhuijsen starts as breeder pot products

News 27 January 2016>
New Armada catalogue 2016/2017 for pot products and perennials presented at IPM

News 9 December 2015 >
Armada at IPM 2016 in Essen (Germany) Hall 2.0 stand 2A12

News 19 October 2015>
Armada at IFTF Vijfhuizen and FHTF Aalsmeer 2015

News 29 May 2015 >
Wulfert ter Beek starts as Commercial Area Manager for Armada

News 07 May 2015 >
Armada open doors at Flowertrials 2015

News 02 February 2015>
Armada and DecoNova in combined stand at Horticulture Business Days in Gorinchem

News 15 January 2015 >
Armada at IPM 2015 in Essen, Germany. Hall 2.0 stand 2A12

News 10 December 2014>
Introduction santini Black Beauty by Wilma Mesman on tv

News 07 November 2014>
Introduction MovieStars® multiflora chrysanthemums

News 29 September 2014>
Introduction of santini 'Melissa' by van Schie

News 28 September 2014>
Armada at IFTF Vijfhuizen and FHTF Aalsmeer 2014

News 28 August 2014>
Introduction of santini 'Monika' by Kester Flowers

News 26 August 2014>
Armada at Plantarium 2014

News 11 June 2014 >
Flowertrials 2014 started at Armada

News 01 May 2014>
Armada at Floraliėn 2014 Brabanthallen, Den Bosch

News 19 December 2013 >
Armada at IPM 2014 in Essen, Germany. Hall 2.0 stand 2A12

News 3 December 2013>
New Armada cut flower catalogue for 2014-2015 on-line avaialable

News 4 November 2013>
Large number new Armada spray and Santini chrysanthemums at IFTF and FHTF

News 1 November 2013>
Introduction new disbud chrysanthemums at IFTF and FHTF

News 29 October 2013>
Armada present at both IFTF Vijfhuizen and Flora Holland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer

News 23 September 2013>
Introduction four new Armada Santini varieties

News 29 May 2013>
Armada is new member of Chryson foundation

News 28 May 2013>
New Armada pot products catalogue for 2013-2014 presented at Flowertrials®

News 15 January 2013 >
Armada at IPM 2013 in Essen, Germany. Hall 2.0 stand 2A12

News 01 June 2012 >
Armada at IFTF 2012 in Vijfhuizen

News 19 March 2012 >
Surplus list of unrooted cuttings now on website

News 19 January 2012 >
Introduction red spray chrysanthemum 'Arvria' BONTEMPI in FleurPrimeur

News 12 January 2012>
New cutflower catalogue for 2012 presented at IPM

News 28 December 2011>
Exclusive new line of pot roses for Armada

News 26 July 2011>
Armada at IFTF / Hortifair 2011

News 15 February 2011>
Cooperation with Nachtvlinder leads to wider Aster assortment

News 9 February 2011>
New disbudded potmums 2011

News 7 February 2011>
New product Eryngium now on Armada website

News 2 February 2011>
New Armada catalogue 2011 for pot plants and perennials now available

News 17 January 2011>
New Pico® potmums for 2011

News 5 January 2011>
Armada presents new pot chrysanthemums for 2011

News 20 September 2010>
Aad van Schie introduces new Santini 'Charlotte' in week 40

News 19 May 2010>
Armada participant FlowerTrials® 2010

News 17 May 2010>
P&M van der Knaap introduce spray chrysanthemum Lemond

News 26 March 2010>
Armada wins Keukenhof Award for fourth time with Sylvinho

News 25 March 2010>
Presentation of Pico pot chrysanthemum at Keukenhof 2010

News 10 March 2010>
Introduction spray chrysanthemum 'Winnen' at FleurPrimeur

News 8 February 2010>
Armada and DecoNova in combined stand at Horticulture Customers Days in Gorinchem

News 1 February 2010>
German television ZDF shows Armada Pico® and potmums

News 24 November 2009>
Armada catalogue for 2010 season now (online) available

News 9 October 2009>
Armada gets quality award for 'Cassandra' from Miss Holland

News 8 October 2009>
New Armada introductions at Hortifair 2009

News 26 August 2009>
Press Award Plantarium 2009 for Armada's Chelone 'Pink Turtle'

News 20 August 2009>
New spray mums Armada now on website

News 11 June 2009>
Iris van der Kamp introduces santini 'Iris' during Flower Trials®

News 26 February 2009>
Armada open doors at Flower Trials® in week 24

News 23 February 2009>
Armada starts new pot Hibiscus line: @series

News 16 February 2009>
Armada and Deconova at Horticulture Customers' Days Gorinchem

News 1 February 2009>
Presentation Armada Breeding in FloraCulture International

News 29 December 2008>
Armada at IPM Essen 2009 from 29 January - 1st February

News 1 December 2008>
Armada's new company for natural season chrysanthemums: DecoNova

News 16 October 2008>
Armada has the best potmums at Hortifair 2008

News 26 September 2008>
New santini and spray chrysanthemum introductions at Hortifair 2008

News 25 September 2008>
Newest Armada potmums for 2009 season

News 19 September 2008>
New introductions in Pico® series potmums

News 9 September 2008>
Armada wins Press Prize with pot Hypericum series Miracle®

News 20 May 2008>
Armada organises Open Days 2008 in week 24

News 9 May 2008>
Armada Aster varieties win all trophies at Keukenhof 2008

News 31 March 2008>
Eduardo wins Award at Keukenhof

News 11 February 2008>
Introduction of new decorative type potmums

News 8 February 2008>
Solidago Super Star available via Armada

News 6 December 2007>
New introductions from Armada at IPM Essen 2008

News 9 October 2007>
Armada scores with Aster 'Cassandra' at Hortifair 2007

News 26 September 2007 >
Visit Armada at Horti Fair 2007 at stand no. 08.0411

News 14 June 2007>
Many visitors during Armada Open Days 2007

News 4 June 2007>
Open Days Armada from 13th June until 15th June

News 30 March 2007>
Armada wins again at Keukenhof Quality Competition 2007

News 21 February 2007>
Enthousiasm for new pot ranunculus lines

News 19 January 2007>
Dahlia: new series introduced on website

News 20 December 2006>
Meet Armada during IPM Essen 2007

News 10 December 2006>
Information Aster supply 2007 available on Armada website

News 01 November 2006>
Armada wins Horti Fair Growers Quality Competition 2006

News 31 October 2006>
Armada present at Horti Fair 2006

News 10 October 2006>
New Aster variety 'Anouk' well received

News 08 October 2006>

New introductions Pico® series
















Welcome to the Armada website!

Armada® is specialised in sales, propagation and breeding of aster, chrysanthemum, potmum, lavender, hibiscus, ranunculus, eupatorium, ajania, veronica, hypericum, lysimachia, pico mums, phlox, asterini, pot carnation, solidago and delphinium. You can find them all on our products pages.

Apart from the sales and propagation of these ornamental crops there is a lot more that Armada can do for your company. Armada for example is specialised in the protection and licensing of our own varieties, but can also offer this service for the varieties from your breeding program. You may consider the protection of your varieties by plant breeders' rights and/or plant patents. We can also issue and control license contracts for the varieties from your breeding program.
There is also the possibility that our breeding department Armada Breeding develops new varieties for your company on an exclusive basis. Our breeding team has a lot of experience in breeding and selection of ornamental crops.

Please contact one of our crop specialists or breeders to find out what Armada® can do for your company.

Armada's daughter company DecoNova is specialized in the propagation and sales of cuttings of disbudded chrysanthemum for natural season production. DecoNova also sells cuttings of spray chrysanthemums and santini varieties for both indoor and outdoor production of other chrysanthemum breeders.